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The Driving Test

The Driving Test is a test of your ability to drive a car safely, the test is designed to put you through various parts of driving, from being able to move off safely and under control to doing manoeuvres such as the turn in the road, reversing left round a corner, parallel parking, bay parking, whilst still being in full control of the car throughout the whole test.

The test will last approximately 35-40 mins and as from December 4th 2017 the driving test will be changing and this will include sat nav independant driving, and driving forwards into a parking space and reversing back out, there will be no turn in the road and no left reverse round a corner. for more details please feel free to message me.. 

Once you are at the test centre either:

Colwick (MPTC), Nottingham..

Chilwell, Nottingham.

Watnall, Nottingham.

Your examiner will call your name and ask you to sign a declaration on the test form.  They will then check both parts of your Provisional Driving Licence, the counter part and the plastic card (if you have the new photo card) or, if you have the old style paper licence you will be asked to show photographic identification of yourself, for example, a valid passport.

You may also request to the examiner at the start of your test that you would like your instructor to be present during the test. If you take this option your instructor will sit in the car behind you and they must not assist in any way during your test.

At the start of your test you will be required to read a number plate at 67ft/ 21.5 mtrs and once you have done this you will be asked two Car Safety Questions, more commonly called show me/tell me.

There are a number of test routes that will test all your skills as a driver, and you will be tested on 1 manoeuvre , and possibly be asked to do an emegency stop.

At the end of your Practical Driving Test the examiner will give you a debriefing on your test after they have given you the result. You may request that your instructor also be present to listen to the debrief, as this can be very useful if your driving instructor was not present during your Practical Driving Test. This is helpful as they can offer you more advice or help on anything that your examiner mentions.

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