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Driving Test Do's & Dont's

Do ask the examiner if your instructor can be present during the test if you want them there. Its your test and the examiner can't refuse, especially if you think that having your instructor there will help you relax a bit more, and make you drive better knowing that somebody is with you who you know.But this does not mean that you are allowed to bring a friend along.

During the Practical Driving Test, always ensure you listen carefully to your examiner, this can be sometimes difficult as nerves can get the better of some people.

But also the key is not to panic during your test, your Driving Instructor will have taught you to high standard of driving, and you would not be there if your instructor was not confident that you will be able to pass the Practical Driving Test,

Do ask the examiner if your instructor can be present at the end of your test to listen to your debrief, if you don't want them present during your test.

You may also have a translater there during your test if English is not your first spoken language.( this must be notified to DSA when booking your Practical Driving Test)